Volunteers, Digging In and Brainstorming


Wow what a busy time we had last Wednesday with three different events squeezed into one day.

Volunteer Day

stinging nettles
Have you ever cleared a field of nettles?

We began by welcoming a group of volunteers who spent most of the day with us. Our main activity this month was clearing a field full of nettles. Long trousers and gloves were very much needed. We briefly entertained the idea of nettle soup for lunch but in the end settled on minestrone and butternut squash soups. If you have a good recipe for nettle soup, or indeed other things you can do with nettles, then please let us know!

Earthing up potatoes will increase the length of underground stems and that increases the size of the crop.

Elsewhere on the farm one volunteer was kept busy earthing up our potato crop. We are already looking forward to harvesting the potatoes later in the year, as nothing beats potatoes that have just been dug up.

Our volunteer days are held on the first Wednesday of every month so if you want to come along please contact us or check our calendar.


Digging In

We a fans of soup

Twice a week we welcome homeless people from Beacon House to come spend time with us. This is known as The Digging In Project. It is an person-centred project and aims to help them overcome barriers to life and employment. We support people to develop coping strategies to address their stress, anxiety and depression and find them meaningful activities that the can achieve and excel in.

They too were kept busy clearing the nettles – it was a very big field and joined the volunteer group for lunch. Having the both groups working together really sums up what we all about.

We were pleased to welcome a new face to the farm and also welcome back someone who hadn’t been for a long while. 


Lots of good ideas

We finished the day with a brainstorming session. This was an informal opportunity for people to visit the farm and meet the team.  We discussed some initial fundraising ideas together and how we might take these forward and spread the Wellies On word.

Some people from the volunteer day stayed on for this and others from the local business community came to offer their brains.

Ideas included:

  • A calendar – there was one vote for a naked calendar, others were more keen of photos of the farm
  • Working with local schools to have a “Wear your wellies to school day” in return for a donation to Wellies-On
  • Linking into national awareness days.
  • Beer flavoured ice-cream was suggest – we’ll leave Warren to ponder that one.
  • A return of carols on the farm – that’s now in the diary
  • Taking a display out to fetes. We’d love to take our animals but there is a cost implication here.
  • And investigating ways of working with other community groups

Do you have any other ideas? If so, please contact us. And sign up to our newsletter so you can find out what and when we are doing things that you can help us with.


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