Videos From The Farm

Hopefully Wellington won't need to have a lie down in the middle of the race on Sunday πŸ˜‚ Who's joining us on Colchester's high street this Sunday to watch Wellington run in the Auld Nag's Folly FJG Pantomime Horse Race?

Wellington's first hurdle was getting into the arena! πŸ˜‚ Not sure how he's going to get on in the Auld Nag's Folly FJG Pantomime Horse Race 🐴

Wellington Boot, our Pantomime horse, saw the farrier last week. He sure is starting to get ready for his big race down Colchester high street as part of Auld Nag's Folly FJG Pantomime Horse Race!

Our panto horse has been meeting the other ponies today. There were mixed reactions 😁 We would still love to hear your name suggestions, don't forget to comment below. Keep an eye out for more posts on how the training is going ready for the Auld Nag's Folly FJG Pantomime Horse Race 🐴

Merlin's just heard the news that Caprilatte goats milk ice cream is going to the Suffolk Show! Join Merlin in trying out this delicious ice cream, and pop by to the East of England Co-op tent to see Merlin and his friends.

Hey Mum! Mum mum mum muuum Muuuum MUUUUUMM! Yes? Watch this.... waaa, who did that?! πŸ˜πŸ’œ

Just in from late night kid feeding. #MidnightHour #CuteBabies #CareFarming #Colchester

Dorinicum has just produced another big boy! πŸ’™ Here he is taking his first steps! ☺️

#StormDoris started with us early this morning. We had to finish our services early for safety reasons. The third time in 11 years! Stay safe everyone! πŸ’¨