The Steps To Confidence


One of the aims of The Digging In Project is to grow the confidence of the service users.

The impact of being homeless goes far beyond the difficulties of not having somewhere to call home. Loss of roof over ones head isn’t just an physical thing. It reaches deep into someone’s inner belief system and many homeless people feel a deep sense of loss and suffer psychologically.


Homelessness damages people’s capability through loss of skills, through an inability to think about employment whilst worrying about housing, and through their health becoming impaired whilst homeless.  Homelessness also damages people’s resilience, self-esteem and self-confidence.

 Source: Crisis


How do we measure the success of The Digging In Project?

We keep a journal in the Yurt that service users can fill in their thoughts and emotions. Looking at this we can see in their own words how they feel. If you look back on other blogs you can see some of the things they say  – see What does it do? Digging In users speak up! 

Our networking events have also changed how businesses perceive homelessness and homeless people – see Week 27 – Time to look back.

Last week we reached a milestone. One of the regular service user’s confidence had grown so much that they wanted to volunteer here and support other service users. And we were happy for them to take on this additional responsibility as we could see that they had grown in confidence and were in a position to help others. 




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