Settling in to the new term

We’re a few weeks in to the new term (the other day someone said we’re half way to Halloween but we don’t want to think about that yet) and everyone is settling in.

We have welcomed back some old co-farmers and are delighted that we have some new ones too.  Everyone is getting to know each other and in a separate blog Emma our Centre Manager will be explaining what happens when people first come to Wellies-On.

Transition for Summer to Winter

Summer is almost over, although we still have some sunny days which make being outside all the better. It seems too soon for winter but we are already getting ready for the transition and thinking about what we need to do to care for our animals when it does get colder. One of the things we do is ensure all the animals have sufficient bedding to keep them warm at night. We are already starting to increase the amount of bedding they have and the co-farmers are thinking about this aspect of animal care.  

Green Fingers

We had bumper crops in our allotment this summer with garlic, potatoes, green beans and tomatoes all going home with co-farmers to share with their families. This is one way we build links with the co-farmers’ home lives.

New Arrivals

Work has been going on to prepare for the arrival of a new male pygmy goat to use to for breeding. We haven’t told the girl goats yet – do goats get excited? – but we’re sure he’ll be a hit!


Katie has been doing a lot of work with the co-farmers and the horses. They have been learning how to groom and to exercise the horses and she has plans to put on a show as part of the end of year celebration we hold every year.

Flat Pack Farm

We now regularly attend a second school where we work mostly with primary aged children. The children and staff are really enjoying everything we have to offer and we can already see the impact the visits are having on the children and the progress they are making. We will tell you more about this in future blogs.

We also had an amazing time at a local care home. Both the residents and staff thoroughly enjoyed being with the animals and we even made it into the local paper. And as soon as we can get our hands on the paper and scan it in we’ll share a bit of it as we don’t seem to be in the online version.

You can find out more about our flat pack farm here.

Gateway Students

Our Gateway students have been learning about animal health and well-being. It’s a substantial topic and covers things such as:

  • What is an animal emergency?
  • How do you tell if animals are ill?
  • The RSPCA’s Five Freedoms


We hope this has given you a taste of what’s been going on on the farm. All that remains to say is that we will post more as soon as we can.

PS If you can support us via the Essex Lottery that would be very kind and we’d be very grateful.


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