Roman River Preschool Visits the Farm

Roman River Preschool visit

We were delighted to welcome the children, parents, carers and staff from Roman River Preschool to the farm recently. 

The expressions of the children’s faces as they met the animals were adorable. Looks of wonder and curiosity abounded as they got closer to the animals and that was before they were allowed to feed the goats. Cuddly toys that move and eat – pure magic.

Mud, mud, glorious mud

We all know how much children love playing with mud; imagine their joy when it was a planned activity as they planted seeds in our allotment. It was heartwarming to see them working together with both each other and with their parents/cares; sharing experiences like this are priceless and yet cost so little. We overheard lots of promises to plant things in their own gardens. From little acorns etc…

Animal time

There were also close up encounters with our pigs, chickens and sheep. A quick count at the end of the day revealed that no one had managed to sneak a chicken under their coat despite all the requests from children to take the animals home to set up back garden farms!

We’re still not sure who enjoyed the day the most; the children clearly loved the visit and were asking all sorts of questions. And the animals loved all the attention they got. Our dogs can often bark at visitors, even regular ones, yet as soon as a group of children turn up they know to be calm and quiet.

Thank you to everyone who came along, especially as you brought some sunshine with you too.

We hope you enjoy looking at these photos and if you’d like to arrange for your preschool or nursery to visit please get in touch with us. We welcome visits through out the year as there are always activities for the children to get involved with.


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