Revamping the Yurt

The Wellies-On yurt space has been in the process of being revamped by the co-farmers and Freya, one of the Occupational Therapy students. Together they have been clearing, lifting, scrubbing and sweeping to make the yurt a great place to be on the farm. Once complete, this unique space will be used to facilitate groups, offer a quiet calm space away from the elements and provide an extension to the woodland kitchen area- all year round!

Additionally, co-farmers have been out on the farm photographing their favourite animals, places and features of the farm to go on display inside the yurt. These photographs will be displayed around the yurt, not only for the co-farmers and staff to enjoy, but for visitors to the farm on open days throughout the year. These pictures provide a great snapshot of Wellies On and show the great creativity from the budding photographers at the farm.

We hope to have high visitor rates visiting Wellies On on upcoming open days to not only enjoy the farm but the newly revamped yurt and gallery space, with our biggest being Open Farm Sunday on 10th June 2018. Keep a close eye on social media for updates on open days.


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