Social Farming Days

Sessions for adults who have learning disabilities.

Social farming offers guided social interaction alongside meaningful and purposeful activities involving animals and nature. Our fantastic staff team has over 12 years of experience and is a mix of qualified teachers, therapists and mental health professionals. Social farming offers participants the chance to:

  • Enhance self esteem
  • Improve self confidence
  • Improve social skills
  • Build emotional resilience
  • Improve physical fitness
  • Work within and alongside a team
  • Gain independence
  • Improve problem solving skills

All farm tasks can be adapted to suit a range of abilities. We aim to provide a very person-centred service where individuals feel safe and respected. Opportunities exist where appropriate for individuals to gain some accreditation through ‘Gateway Qualifications’ this is entirely optional and by no means the focus of the sessions.

Social Farming groups run throughout the year, 10am -3pm.

These sessions are designed to be attended on a regular basis, for 1 or 2 days per week.

Cost £65 / person / day

If 1:1 care is required, support can be arranged at an additional cost.

Transport from a central point can be arranged. Referrals are accepted from both social workers and individuals.


 For further information or to discuss your needs in more detail please contact Emma Lowery (Centre Manager) via email: or by phone 01206 735453