Educational Services

Who can we work with

Wellies-On takes referrals from schools and colleges and works primarily with young people aged between 11 -16 years.

Therapeutic Education Days

A survey carried out by Barnardo’s states that “Almost half of all children aged from 12 to 16 in England feel sad or anxious at least once a week.”

Many young people find themselves struggling with low mood, social anxiety, feeling isolated and subsequently become disengaged from everyday life. With mental health services struggling to meet an ever-increasing demand care farming can play a vital role in supporting these young people to reconnect by:

• Enhancing self esteem
• Improving self confidence
• Improving social skills
• Building emotional resilience
• Improving physical fitness
• Providing opportunities to work within and alongside a team
• Promoting independent working
• Encouraging problem solving

This is achieved through guided social interaction alongside meaningful and purposeful activities involving animals and nature.

With over 12 years’ experience of delivering care farming the Wellies-On Team bring a wealth of skills to each session. We have mental health professionals and qualified teachers. Pastoral care is at the heart of all we do.

For a flavour of what we do, please see our blog articles on Becoming a co-farmer and A Typical Day on the Farm.


We are able to offer young people the opportunity to gain some accreditation whilst they work using credit based learning (accredited through Gateway Qualifications)

This is entirely optional but may benefit those who are looking to strengthen their CV or who find classroom based learning difficult. It is very flexible and can be worked through at an individual’s own pace. Delivery is very practical, and units can be achieved whilst carrying out the day to day chores on the farm. Entry 3 units can be achieved with evidence gathered by those supporting you e.g. photos, witness statements. Level 1 units are also very hands on and practical but may also require a small amount of written work. People can gain up to three units over the course of a year.

Example Scheme of Work

Most of the work we do here at Wellies-On is based around individual needs and each young person has their own learning journey helping them to think about ways in which they could improve or change their situation and move forward positively. Group leaders plan daily sessions with these learning journeys in mind.

The following example scheme of work shows the day to day chores and activities which young people will be involved in and reflects the different learning opportunities through the seasons on the farm.

The Gateway units mentioned in the example help deepen the learning throughout the year and reflect some of the key areas or themes of each term.

Example for Term 1

Download the PDF here.

Example Scheme of Work – PDF

Times and Costs

Therapeutic education groups run throughout the academic year, 10am -3pm. These sessions are designed to be attended on a regular basis, for a minimum of one hour up to a maximum of two days per week, in conjunction with school, college, tutoring or other alternative provision.

Cost £78 / person / day or £18 per hour

If 1:1 care is required, support can be arranged at an additional cost.

Referrals are accepted from schools, colleges and social workers.

For further information or to discuss your needs in more detail please contact the team at Wellies-On. You can email us: or give us a call 01206 735453

Primary School Age Children

While the majority of our work is with older children, we can offer bespoke services for children in KS2 (seven to eleven years old) 

Please contact us using the above details to find out more.

Schools and colleges we have worked with include 

  • NEECA Colchester / Heybridge
  • Fresh Start Clacton
  • Chelmsford College
  • Lexden Springs Special School
  • Ramsden Hall Academy
  • Honywood School
  • The Harwich School
  • Philip Morant School
  • Doucecroft School
  • The Ryes College
  • St Benedicts Catholic College
  • The Stanway School
  • The Colne School