Our Recycling Centre

We have very green ambitions and like to recycle where ever possible. We often purpose things or use things that other people might throw away. In many respects we have a lot in common with Wombles.

Readers of a certain age who have no idea what a Womble is are missing out on these recycling furries from the 70’s. The Womble motto is “Make Good Use of Bad Rubbish”-  they were ahead of the game when it comes to recycling! You should see how we have used old tyres to grow fruit and vegetables.

In our classroom area we have bins that enable everyone to recycle in an easy and efficient way. But Mick (he’s ever so good) realised that there was nowhere for the full recycling bags to go. This may have come to light when strong winds tried to re-distribute some bags around the farm.

Being someone who is a natural solver of problems, Mick decided to fix this. With one of the co-farmers he has taken on the responsibility of designing and building what is essentially a large box. Working with the co-farmer to do this will mean he (the co-farmer) will be involved in the planning, the measuring and all the construction.  Something as simple as making sure the recycling doesn’t get strewn across the farm will help the co-farmer learn and practise many skills. And of course it will help keep the farm tidy. So be a Womble and see what you can re-purpose!


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