New Nature Trail at Wellies-On

Two weeks ago Mick, our ever so handy Maintenance Person and Support Worker, was hard at work. He and one of the co-farmers were making new signs for the nature trail. Keen to know what they looked like, but not wanting to leave the relative warmth of the office, we sent student occupational therapist Freya out with a camera. Freya took one of the co-farmers with her and these are their photos.

See, Hear, Touch and Listen on the Nature Trail

Making your way around the nature trail you are given the opportunity to to pause for a moment at the different locations. The nature trail is designed to be accessible to all. The sign posts use images to indicate whether there is something took out, to listen to, to see or to touch. You are encouraged to use all your senses to experience those things we don’t often acknowledge in our normal day. Hearing a bird’s call, seeing small insects underfoot or feeling the different textures of leaves on a tree; these are just some of the things on offer.

Not only did Mick make the posts, he’s also created a guide, a map and an answer sheet. 

nature trail resources
Nature trail resources – a guide, a map and an answer sheet


There is such a diverse amount of wildlife in the countryside and woodlands living right under our noses that we never see. This trail will give you a small insight into this hidden world.

The nature trail will be used by organised groups such as primary schools, community groups and care home groups. To book a Wellies-On experience or to find out more about us, please get in contact.




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