Volunteers Needed

Do you have a few spare hours in your week? Or maybe a day each week!

Are you good on the telephone or do you like being out in the garden?

Perhaps you are good at DIY and being self motivated?

Perhaps you like being in the kitchen and would like to help support someone with complex needs be able to make some soup or bake a cake?

Then you are just what we need…

Whether it’s your brain or your brawn, we always have a need for volunteers. 


We currently need volunteers for these specific positions

Full information about the roles and how to apply can be found by clicking on the links to open PDFs

Role Details
Admin Assistant Job Profile – Volunteer Administrative Assistant
Gardener Job Profile  – Volunteer Gardener
Receptionist Job Profile – Volunteer Receptionist
Site Assistant Job Profile -Volunteer Site Assistant

The Summer Ball

Our 2017 Summer Ball needs people to produce programmes, secure sponsorship and organise the raffle. You could improve your Corporate Social Responsibility and help without getting muddy.

Networking and Social Media

“Lend us”  your contact list for one day to spread the word about Wellies-On.

Run our social media for a day and give us your unique perspective on what we do.

Grant Applications 

Learn all about us and then help us identify and apply for grants that will support our work.

Give us a call on 01206 735453 or email admin@wellieson.com to learn more about volunteering at Wellies-On.