Half way through the 30 day shred

Wow. WOW. WOW!!!!

The farm girls have made it half way through their thirty day shred.

They are just little bit competitive on how much water they are drinking, with Rachel edging ahead today. This is a departure from the norm and something she’s very proud of. And not shy in telling us about!

The challenge last week was particularly difficult – 8 lots of 400m sprints in one go. They were channelling their inner Mo Farrah’s and Ellie was counting sheep to distract her from the pain. Yes we know most people count sheep to help them get to sleep but hey ho!

Katie and Rachel went to have their feet and running gait analysed. They ran in about 5 pairs of shoes and each time their gait was checked until the perfect pair was found. They are eagerly awaiting the delivery of the shoes and almost don’t want to run until their “special” shoes turn up.

Even when separated they are keeping to the plan; Ellie is at the Horse of the Year show in Birmingham and still went for a 2k run this morning. And they message each other ALL the time to check on water in take and snack time.

Already they are planning to take part in the next shred – yes that’s so how much they are enjoying it.

Well done girls; we’re very proud of you. 


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