The day the dentist came to visit

Open wide! Let the dentist take a look at your teeth. No, not you. The horses.

We have eight horses on the farm of various sizes, from nine hands high right up to sixteen. For non-horsey people, a hand, is approximately 10 cm. Horses are measure from the ground to the withers, which is the top of the shoulders. 

Just like humans, it’s important for horses to see the dentist. Unlike humans, the dentist comes to us. Well, can you imagine a horse in one of those reclining chairs?

What does the dentist do?

A horse dentist specialises in taking care of horses; generally speaking other animals don’t need a dentist. He checks our horses teeth in much the same way your dentist checks your teeth. The major difference is that horse teeth can over grow and as such a special tool, a rasp,  is used to file them down. If this isn’t done, the horses can find it difficult and painful to eat. So although it might look a bit harsh in the photos, it doesn’t hurt them and horses are much happier after. As you can see it’s a two person job and Katie was there to lend a hand and keep the horses calm while they had this essential treatment.


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