Co-farmer Views

Every day we have at least eight co-farmers working with us. We asked them to write about some of the things they do. Here are some of their experiences, in their own words.

Dairy Goats

They need milking once a day. You have to give them coarse goat feed in the food hoppers. 

The goats milk in made into delicious ice cream; chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and mint choc chip. D’s favourite flavour was the mint choc chip – E loved the chocolate and so does C.

The goats get milked first, then we fill up the hay racks. We have to change the water and give them clean buckets of warm water and we clean out the green troughs.

The goats like to be groomed and they nudge you if you stop doing this.

We are expecting the kids to start being born at the end of February. Sometimes te goats need heko frm staff to safely deliver the kids.

By D & C


Joey is three years old. He is a pure black male. Joey arrived on the farm in November 2016; his birthday is  August. Joey is a very friendly horse ad loves to be tickled. Joey’s best friend is a female horse called Piper who also lives in the farm.  Piper is black and white; she is a kind lovely horse.

Despite not being at the farm that long, Joey is being taught new things such as situations, sounds, what he can see and training so therefore in the future he can be ridden.

Joey lives outside in the yard and field. Joey is a fresian cross cob. He is 13.3 hands high and has plenty of time to grow!!

By L & J

guinea pig drawing
Our Guinea Pigs

Our Guinea Pigs

  • Been here since before Christmas
  • Arrived 10 November 2016
  • We were sad when Fudge died
  • The guinea pigs visit care homes
  • They eat hay and grass
  • Meadow is fluffy, white, brown, black and grey. She weighs 870g

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