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Bev’s First Images

As our new volunteer receptionist decided that she did like us and that she could cope with the cold (an occupational hazard when working on a farm) we decided to let her loose with one of our new tablets (kindly donated by WaveLength) and said “take some photos.” Once she had worked out to keep things in focus, she took some really great pictures.

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Our new receptionist

Well she’s stayed all morning so we should really introduce you to Beverley, our new volunteer receptionist.labe In the real world, Beverley is a secretary in the University of Essex’s Estates and Campus Services department. She has decided to volunteer here on her day off – we think that’s pretty marvelous. In the picture she is putting labels on “BeeBombs” that are going to

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Becoming a co-farmer

We’ve written a lot about our co-farmers some of the things they’ve done and also said how people get referred to our service.  We realised, however,  that we haven’t yet told you what happens in those early days when they are new to the farm. We posed this question to Emma, the centre manager and this is what she told us. The first week

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Settling in to the new term

We’re a few weeks in to the new term (the other day someone said we’re half way to Halloween but we don’t want to think about that yet) and everyone is settling in. We have welcomed back some old co-farmers and are delighted that we have some new ones too.  Everyone is getting to know each other and in a separate blog Emma our

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Marsh & Mclennan Corporate Volunteer Day

Marsh & Mclennan chose to hold a volunteer day at Wellies-On. They cut the hedgerow back to make way for the disabled access to the yurt. Measured and create shuttering ready for concrete for the new yard area. The photos show what great work they did. We hope they enjoyed themselves; they made a big difference to us.

Five Freedoms For Animals – Co-farmers learning

Today the co-farmers learnt about the Five Freedoms for Animals. The Animal Welfare Act places a duty of care on people to ensure they take reasonable steps meet the welfare needs of their animals. It means that anyone looking after animals must take care of their animals properly; it is designed to ensure people are proactive in their approach to care, rather than just

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Our Calming Room Is Finished (almost)

We’ve finished our calming room. If you look back at The Calming Room  and Update on the Calming Room  you’ll already know how we’ve taken a junk room and worked with our co-farmers to turn into a space they both need and want to be in. The final steps have now been completed. Les from Computer Medics Essex has been in to install two computers

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Update on the Calming Room

A couple of weeks ago we told you about our project to re-purpose one of our under-used spaces and turn it into a room that our co-farmers can use to regroup and relax. We’ve had some fabulous donations and our co-farmers have worked extremely. The transformation is almost complete and so we thought we’d show you before and after photos.     The Co-Farmers

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Revamping the Yurt

The Wellies-On yurt space has been in the process of being revamped by the co-farmers and Freya, one of the Occupational Therapy students. Together they have been clearing, lifting, scrubbing and sweeping to make the yurt a great place to be on the farm. Once complete, this unique space will be used to facilitate groups, offer a quiet calm space away from the elements

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Our Recycling Centre

We have very green ambitions and like to recycle where ever possible. We often purpose things or use things that other people might throw away. In many respects we have a lot in common with Wombles. Readers of a certain age who have no idea what a Womble is are missing out on these recycling furries from the 70’s. The Womble motto is “Make Good

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