Our Calming Room Is Finished (almost)

We’ve finished our calming room. If you look back at The Calming Room  and Update on the Calming Room  you’ll already know how we’ve taken a junk room and worked with our co-farmers to turn into a space they both need and want to be in.

The final steps have now been completed.

Les from Computer Medics Essex has been in to install two computers in the room. This will enable our co-farmers to complete qualifications such as City & Guilds and Gateways and give them a foundation for further success.

This being a farm, there has to be an animal element to the room. To aid with the calming element we have a bubble fish tank – fake fish of course as we have plenty of real animals on the farm to care for.

And finally the ceiling. That is now covered with glow in the dark stars.



The co-farmers really enjoyed being involved and took great ownership of the project to create a space that works for them. Team building, negotiation, planning and organisational skills have all been developed as a beautiful side effect of turning an old office space into something more useful.

There are still a few more finishing touches to be completed but the room is already in use and proving to be a great resource. 

We are grateful to Colchester Children’s Charity appeal and Emmaus Colchester for their generous donations. 


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