Building Fences On The Farm

hammer - fixing things at Wellies-On

Building fences normally means repairing wrongs one has done to another but in this case Warren is literally building fences. Houses too! Well small ones. Oh we’re not being very clear. Let’s start again.

Fencing and Houses

We don’t want our animals to escape

We are due to have a lot of babies. Baby animals that is. Our sheep and dairy goats are due to give birth to their lambs and kids in late February.  We are expecting around 15-20 kids and 20 lambs although  exact numbers are hard to predict as Mother Nature likes to surprise us.

To stop kids and lambs from escaping Warren has been inspecting all the fences and fixing all the gaps. He’s also been repairing their houses; it’s still very cold at this time of year and just like humans, baby animals need to be kept warm.

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