Time to reflect, a space to think..

….that’s just one of the powerful benefits of The Digging In Project. Some of our service users have been facing a lot of difficulties as they have had to move on from their accommodation.  Such upheaval can be very unsettling and emotionally exhausting. Since we started this project, we have noticed that the fire-pit is a place where people relax, open-up and share emotions

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skydiving parachute

Parachute Jump Update

We’ve had a fabulous response for our call for jumpers in this year’s Wellies-On Skydive / parachute jump and we are being supported by 8 regional Starbucks branches. By popular demand we have rescheduled this years skydive and we are now jumping on 29th July,  a week after the annual fundraising Ball . So if you still want to join us and have an

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networking and volunteering down on the farm

Networking and Volunteering Opportunities

Networking Opportunities Forget the early start and greasy breakfasts of some other networking! With us you get to network in the open air and use you brawn to help the farm whilst making great connections to help you and your business. Does that sound like something you’d be interested in?  Yes – then book your place here for some alternative networking   Volunteer Days

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Volunteers, Digging In and Brainstorming

Wow what a busy time we had last Wednesday with three different events squeezed into one day. Volunteer Day We began by welcoming a group of volunteers who spent most of the day with us. Our main activity this month was clearing a field full of nettles. Long trousers and gloves were very much needed. We briefly entertained the idea of nettle soup for

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Photos from our showcase

We had an amazing turn out for our showcase. We will write more about it later. Meanwhile, here are some photos.


Animal Magic

To pique interest and stimulate conversation, Sparkle and Erlina took a trip to Beacon House (along with some human adults) Both staff and service users alike were delighted with the visitors and memories of previous experiences with animals were shared.  People who hadn’t been out the farm for a while commented on how much Sparkle and Erlina have grown and were really pleased to

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volunteer at wellies-on

A Very Successful Volunteer Day

On 5 April 2017 we held the first of our planned regular monthly volunteer days. And what a success it was! Fifteen volunteers turned up, full of expectation and excitement about what the day had in store for them. We were blessed with a lovely sunny day, with barely a cloud in the sky. Working outdoors on a warm day is always a joy.

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Co-farmer Views

Every day we have at least eight co-farmers working with us. We asked them to write about some of the things they do. Here are some of their experiences, in their own words. Dairy Goats They need milking once a day. You have to give them coarse goat feed in the food hoppers.  The goats milk in made into delicious ice cream; chocolate, strawberry,

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The Steps To Confidence

One of the aims of The Digging In Project is to grow the confidence of the service users. The impact of being homeless goes far beyond the difficulties of not having somewhere to call home. Loss of roof over ones head isn’t just an physical thing. It reaches deep into someone’s inner belief system and many homeless people feel a deep sense of loss

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digging the beds

Week 27 – Time to look back

It’s hard to believe that so many weeks have passed since we first began The Digging In Project in conjunction with Beacon House. We thought this would be a good time to look back at all we have learnt and reflect. Promoting the Project With most projects, you are working with a set of people that do not change. The nature of the circumstances

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