volunteer at wellies-on

A Very Successful Volunteer Day

On 5 April 2017 we held the first of our planned regular monthly volunteer days. And what a success it was! Fifteen volunteers turned up, full of expectation and excitement about what the day had in store for them. We were blessed with a lovely sunny day, with barely a cloud in the sky. Working outdoors on a warm day is always a joy.

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Co-farmer Views

Every day we have at least eight co-farmers working with us. We asked them to write about some of the things they do. Here are some of their experiences, in their own words. Dairy Goats They need milking once a day. You have to give them coarse goat feed in the food hoppers.  The goats milk in made into delicious ice cream; chocolate, strawberry,

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The Steps To Confidence

One of the aims of The Digging In Project is to grow the confidence of the service users. The impact of being homeless goes far beyond the difficulties of not having somewhere to call home. Loss of roof over ones head isn’t just an physical thing. It reaches deep into someone’s inner belief system and many homeless people feel a deep sense of loss

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digging the beds

Week 27 – Time to look back

It’s hard to believe that so many weeks have passed since we first began The Digging In Project in conjunction with Beacon House. We thought this would be a good time to look back at all we have learnt and reflect. Promoting the Project With most projects, you are working with a set of people that do not change. The nature of the circumstances

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A good week – The Digging in Project

Monday looked like it wasn’t going to happen as at about 10.30 Beacon House phoned to say that they had people keen to come down to the farm but didn’t have any transport! Team Wellies-On to the rescue! Warren was roped in as “chauffeur” and took his six seater van to bring the keen group to the farm. One of our sheds has been

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Digging In speaks up

What does it do? Digging In users speak up!

We often write about what we do but not what it does for the people who take part. As it’s not always obvious what people are feeling, we keep a journal in our yurt so participants can write a few words or indeed a lot of words about what they have got from the experiences offered to them at Wellies-On. They have kindly said

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The Calm Before The Storm – Digging In

A big storm is on the way! We don’t know what Doris will bring, but Beacon House brought us some new people who had a lovely day in unexpected spring sunshine. It was a day for conversation. Touring the farm was the perfect opportunity for people to open up and talk about their troubles and hopes. There’s something about being outdoors that relaxes people

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Colchester Soup Winner – The Digging in Project

On Friday 10 Feb, Katie went along to ColchesterSoup. She spoke about the Digging In Project. She told them about how we engage with the homeless people who use Beacon House and how coming out to our care farm can help them learn transferable life and work skills. Visits to us are also about reducing anxiety and gaining confidence in a nurturing and supportive environment.

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A busy week Digging In

Following Laura’s visit to Beacon House last week, it was great to see so many returning faces and also a sprinkling of new ones. Everyone was highly motivated and keen to get stuck in. We have something for everyone at the farm – this week people were involved with woodchopping, horse care and cooking chilli for lunch. A lot of interest was shown in

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A New Approach to Digging In

Over time we have recognised that what we do isn’t always obvious to the service users at Beacon House. As it can be quite a transient community, the message of our offering needs boosting from time to time. With this is mind, Laura went to Beacon House yesterday morning and spoke to many people about what we do on the farm and why they

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