flat pack farm

Flat pack farm – more photos

We’ve just received some more photos from our fabulous day with our Flat Pack Farm at Richard de Clare school in Halstead. You can read more about the day and what the children had to say about their experiences here or just look at how happy the children are in these photos as they learnt all about our animals. Thanks to East of England Co-Op for supplying

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Half way through the 30 day shred

Wow. WOW. WOW!!!! The farm girls have made it half way through their thirty day shred. They are just little bit competitive on how much water they are drinking, with Rachel edging ahead today. This is a departure from the norm and something she’s very proud of. And not shy in telling us about! The challenge last week was particularly difficult – 8 lots

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Flat Pack Farm On The Road

We had a wonderful day with our Flat Pack Farm at Richard de Clare school in Halstead. The Wellies-On Flat Pack Farm brings the farm yard to you complete with chickens, goats, Shetland pony, sheep, farm dogs and more. Each visit is different as we tailor make it to your needs. We take care of all the logistics and we bring our qualified members

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30 day shred – the 8th day report!

For the last week the Farm Team have seen the sunrise at 6.30ish every morning. The lack rain has made this a lot easier than you might think! They all report better sleep, better focus and generally just feeling better. So far so good Their trusty water bottles go everywhere with them – it’s the only way to ensure they can down three litres

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30 day challenge - day one

If you go down to the woods for the next 30 days…

Here at Wellies-On we are big believers in taking a holistic approach to health and well-being. With that in mind, three members of staff – Ellie, Katie and Rachel – have thrown themselves into a thirty day challenge of exercise, healthy eating and mindfulness. They began this morning with a yoga session at the yawn inducing time of six thirty in the morning. Yes,

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MS-UK Volunteer day

MS-UK get their Wellies-On

On the first Wednesday of every month we welcome volunteers to come and experience life on the farm. September saw an amazing group from MS-UK lend us a hand or two. They have already written about their day in their own blog  – do take time to pop over and have a read. We keep a book on the farm for people to record

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Volunteering – Occupational Therapy Students

It was Wellies-On for a group of occupational therapy students volunteering down on the farm. Their day started with a tour of the farm – who knew that as well as the goats we are famous for, that we also have pigs, sheep, chickens and the horses that are the key players in equine assisted therapy. And, of course, an assortment of farm cats

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Rachel Brodsky

Meet Rachel

There’s a new face down at Wellies-On. Who is she and why is she here? Let’s meet Rachel Brodsky. Now I can tell from your accent that you’re not a local – so where are you from? Originally I am from Washington DC but I have been living in Sunny San Diego, California for the past 3 years. What brings you so far from

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We want your brains

For once we aren’t asking you to be knee-deep in things you might not want to be knee-deep in. Nor are we asking you to do something crazy like jump out of plane. This time it’s brain power we’re interested in. Nexus Networking are organising a quiz night to raise money for Wellies-On, Little Havens and Kids inspire. So if you know about splitting

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The End of Term

Down here at Wellies-On, we are drawing to the end of term. We will be saying farewell to some of  this year’s co-farmers and wishing them every luck for their future endeavours. We hope the skills they have learnt this year will support their future successes. It has been fantastic to see them grow in confidence and gain self-esteem. Our final week has some

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