Rachel Brodsky

Meet Rachel

There’s a new face down at Wellies-On. Who is she and why is she here? Let’s meet Rachel Brodsky. Now I can tell from your accent that you’re not a local – so where are you from? Originally I am from Washington DC but I have been living in Sunny San Diego, California for the past 3 years. What brings you so far from

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We want your brains

For once we aren’t asking you to be knee-deep in things you might not want to be knee-deep in. Nor are we asking you to do something crazy like jump out of plane. This time it’s brain power we’re interested in. Nexus Networking are organising a quiz night to raise money for Wellies-On, Little Havens and Kids inspire. So if you know about splitting

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The End of Term

Down here at Wellies-On, we are drawing to the end of term. We will be saying farewell to some of  this year’s co-farmers and wishing them every luck for their future endeavours. We hope the skills they have learnt this year will support their future successes. It has been fantastic to see them grow in confidence and gain self-esteem. Our final week has some

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Our Allotment

We are extremely fortunate that one of our wonderful volunteers is blessed with very green fingers and takes great care of our polytunnel and allotment. Helen – we couldn’t grow half the things we do without you.  Thank you so much for the time you donate.  


Double your money

Well, not so much double your money but make the money you donate to us double! Localgiving will be doubling one-time donations to local charities pound-for-pound by up to £25  as part of Small Charity Week 2017 for all donations made on 22 June 2017. The campaign starts at 10:00 and runs until the fund runs out, or 23:59 – whichever comes first.   

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What are we good at?

Last week we asked everyone what we are good at. We asked all the staff and volunteers, our co-farmers (the people we work with) and those who commission our services. Looking at the list we have a lot to celebrate. We are good at  Building trust and relationships. We engage with some of society’s most vulnerable people and offer programmes that build confidence, self-esteem

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Time to reflect, a space to think..

….that’s just one of the powerful benefits of The Digging In Project. Some of our service users have been facing a lot of difficulties as they have had to move on from their accommodation.  Such upheaval can be very unsettling and emotionally exhausting. Since we started this project, we have noticed that the fire-pit is a place where people relax, open-up and share emotions

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skydiving parachute

Parachute Jump Update

We’ve had a fabulous response for our call for jumpers in this year’s Wellies-On Skydive / parachute jump and we are being supported by 8 regional Starbucks branches. By popular demand we have rescheduled this years skydive and we are now jumping on 29th July,  a week after the annual fundraising Ball . So if you still want to join us and have an

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networking and volunteering down on the farm

Networking and Volunteering Opportunities

Networking Opportunities Forget the early start and greasy breakfasts of some other networking! With us you get to network in the open air and use you brawn to help the farm whilst making great connections to help you and your business. Does that sound like something you’d be interested in?  Yes – then book your place here for some alternative networking   Volunteer Days

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Volunteers, Digging In and Brainstorming

Wow what a busy time we had last Wednesday with three different events squeezed into one day. Volunteer Day We began by welcoming a group of volunteers who spent most of the day with us. Our main activity this month was clearing a field full of nettles. Long trousers and gloves were very much needed. We briefly entertained the idea of nettle soup for

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