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Spreading the word at The Victory on Mersea

We are great believers in making connections with our local community.  At the launch of our community initiative “Together on Tuesdays” (which is funded by National Lottery money) we were delighted to meet the landlord of  The Victory Mersea. He was fascinated by our aims and philosophy and keen to get involved to support our endeavours. The Victory has a great pub garden and

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Wow – What a party!

Thank you to everyone who helped to make our first Party on The Farm so amazing. The weather was perfect despite the high winds and rain in the days leading up to the party. But by 4pm the sky was clear and we were ready to get our groove on. We are particular grateful to: The V Team at the University of Essex Cat

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A Typical Day on the Farm

The staff team arrive before the Co-farmers to sure that everything is ready for the day. They check all the animals and preparing the board with the jobs which need doing that day. They will also spend time considering the needs of the farm and the group that are coming in.  We plan what each individual will do, thinking carefully about whether they need

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Roman River Preschool Visits the Farm

We were delighted to welcome the children, parents, carers and staff from Roman River Preschool to the farm recently.  The expressions of the children’s faces as they met the animals were adorable. Looks of wonder and curiosity abounded as they got closer to the animals and that was before they were allowed to feed the goats. Cuddly toys that move and eat – pure

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Bev’s First Images

As our new volunteer receptionist decided that she did like us and that she could cope with the cold (an occupational hazard when working on a farm) we decided to let her loose with one of our new tablets (kindly donated by WaveLength) and said “take some photos.” Once she had worked out to keep things in focus, she took some really great pictures.

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Our new receptionist

Well she’s stayed all morning so we should really introduce you to Beverley, our new volunteer receptionist.labe In the real world, Beverley is a secretary in the University of Essex’s Estates and Campus Services department. She has decided to volunteer here on her day off – we think that’s pretty marvelous. In the picture she is putting labels on “BeeBombs” that are going to

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Becoming a co-farmer

We’ve written a lot about our co-farmers some of the things they’ve done and also said how people get referred to our service.  We realised, however,  that we haven’t yet told you what happens in those early days when they are new to the farm. We posed this question to Emma, the centre manager and this is what she told us. The first week

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Settling in to the new term

We’re a few weeks in to the new term (the other day someone said we’re half way to Halloween but we don’t want to think about that yet) and everyone is settling in. We have welcomed back some old co-farmers and are delighted that we have some new ones too.  Everyone is getting to know each other and in a separate blog Emma our

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Support us today and brighten our Autumn

Have you thought about buying a ticket for the Essex Lottery? Help us to make a real difference to our local community. Sign up today for just £1 a week! As well as supporting the community, you could WIN up to £25,000! Just click on the image to go the Essex Lottery website.  

Essex Uni Team Building Day

Staff from Essex University Admissions Team decided not to go too far from home for their team building day. They built straw igloos, went on a treasure hunt and tested their engineering skills building egg launchers. Easily the best team building day I’ve been on. Very impressed by the range of activities and ethos of the farm