Animal Magic


To pique interest and stimulate conversation, Sparkle and Erlina took a trip to Beacon House (along with some human adults)

Both staff and service users alike were delighted with the visitors and memories of previous experiences with animals were shared. 

People who hadn’t been out the farm for a while commented on how much Sparkle and Erlina have grown and were really pleased to see “old friends.” No-one really minded that both goats were eating some of the plants that had been planted recently!

One of the regular service users benefited from an EAL session. EAL stands for Equine Assisted Learning. The horses provide a calming influence, which can be very beneficial to people who need escape from the hustle and bustle of their lives.

We provide EAL for a wide range of people. Both Ellie and Katie are qualified EAGALA (ES) practitioners and are therefore able to deliver Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and learning on site.

We were pleased to have some new faces join us last week. They had a tour of the farm before they were set to work. They helped to clear areas in preparation for the show case we are holding this week. We had many pallets and straw that were in the wrong places and they really helped with the heavy lifting!



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