Monthly Archives: February 2018

Our Recycling Centre

We have very green ambitions and like to recycle where ever possible. We often purpose things or use things that other people might throw away. In many respects we have a lot in common with Wombles. Readers of a certain age who have no idea what a Womble is are missing out on these recycling furries from the 70’s. The Womble motto is “Make Good

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The Calming Room

We want to turn one of our little used rooms into a “Calming Room”. The majority of Co-Farmers are teenagers who are accessing the Wellies-On alternative provision alongside an academic setting. This is because they have a difficulty within a mainstream school. Specialist Schools and Behaviour Support settings regularly bring Co-Farmers to Wellies–On each week. The Co-Farmers have a wide range of needs including

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The day the dentist came to visit

Open wide! Let the dentist take a look at your teeth. No, not you. The horses. We have eight horses on the farm of various sizes, from nine hands high right up to sixteen. For non-horsey people, a hand, is approximately 10 cm. Horses are measure from the ground to the withers, which is the top of the shoulders.  Just like humans, it’s important

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