Monthly Archives: June 2017

Double your money

Well, not so much double your money but make the money you donate to us double! Localgiving will be doubling one-time donations to local charities pound-for-pound by up to £25  as part of Small Charity Week 2017 for all donations made on 22 June 2017. The campaign starts at 10:00 and runs until the fund runs out, or 23:59 – whichever comes first.   

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What are we good at?

Last week we asked everyone what we are good at. We asked all the staff and volunteers, our co-farmers (the people we work with) and those who commission our services. Looking at the list we have a lot to celebrate. We are good at  Building trust and relationships. We engage with some of society’s most vulnerable people and offer programmes that build confidence, self-esteem

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